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Whether it is MVA test preparation or working on a specific skill you can use our two private or extra driving practice session to sharpen your driving skill. Our Extra Practice sessions are aimed strengthening safe driving skills of the following groups:

Under 25 Student Drivers

Is your teen driver ready of get Maryland Driver License? No sweat. Keep your work and family schedule and we take care of the driving practice. State of Maryland requires student driver below age 25 to practice 60 hours of driving including 10 hours at night.Sign-up today and we would pick up your teen after school or weekend for practice and return them home after practice.

25 Plus Student Drivers

You are 25 or up and does not have Driver License yet? You are not alone. The State of Maryland requires student drivers aged 25 and older to practice at least 14hrs of driving including 3 hours at night.All Sights Driving School would help you practice for your driving license.

VISA Extra Practice

Are you a diplomat, a family member of a diplomat that has just relocated to Maryland or Washington DC metro area; and wanted to get driving practice driving on the U.S. roads? Or wanted a Maryland Driver License for your teenager? Either way, we are ready to help you get comfortable and feel safe driving on U.S. roads.

Post Automobile Accident

Having been rear-ended while stopping at the STOP sign tested my confidence in driving. I became concerned when a car is pulling behind me at a STOP sign. To overcome this fear, I practiced driving several times at a STOP sign. Maybe you are a driver who gave up driving or drive with the fear following an accident; we would help you regain your confidence by taking you through a number of well-designed focused practice sessions…

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  • June 24th – July 5th. 2019
  • July 15th – 26th. 2019
  • July 29th – Aug 9th, 2019
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