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As a prominent 5-Star rated and MVA approved driving school located in Silver Spring and Washington DC metro area.

All Sights Driving School offers a comprehensive range of classes for obtaining a Learner’s Permit, Provisional Driver’s License and a full Maryland Driver’s License. Our other specialty course offerings include Defensive Driving, Extra Driving Practice or Private Driving Practice, Driver Improvement Program, court approved DWI/DUI; and Drug and Alcohol Education.

These comprehensive courses are delivered in our classroom fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment. When it comes to road practice, we select road types and conditions to help our student driver practice safely.

95% Pass Rate  |  100% Referral Rate  |  0% Accident Rate

Mission & Vision

Our purpose is to make our road network safer for all road users by providing quality, affordable and comprehensive safety and driver education programs to all. Saving lives and promoting road safety.


  • There are so many driving schools out there and it can be hard to find a good fit. When I was looking for an instructor I knew that I wanted someone who would be PATIENT with me and would reassure me. Mr Edwin did a great job doing that. He boosted my confidence by believing in me. His calmness is legendary. His explanation are simple and he will make you overcome your fears no matter what they are. Today was my first lesson and it exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a good instructor who truly loves his job and enjoys seeing you succeed then look no further. He will come to your place to even make it easier for you, and his rates are good! What else can you ask?

    Regina T. / Driving Lessons

  • All Sights Driving School is fantastic. Mr. Edwin was my instructor and did an excellent job. He used a coaching methodology to not only teach me driving skills but also help me overcome my fear and anxiety around driving. He taught me how to drive and allowed me make errors and correct them, which ingrained the skills in my mind. He is not only an excellent instructor but also a kind person that is interested in helping people become safe drivers. I worked with other driving schools before coming to All Sights and after just 3 weeks with All Sights/Mr. Edwin, I passed my road-test. I would strongly recommend All Sights.

    Ramatolie S. / Driving Lessons

  • Just got my drivers license today! I am so grateful to Mr.Edwin who made this happen. Mr.Edwin is very professional and patient instructor and he kept boosting my confidence level throughout my journey with All sights driving school. I would confidently recommend him to anyone who is looking to become a smart driver. It’s definitely worth your time. Thanks again to All sights driving school!

    Sreeja N. / Driving Lessons

  • Using All Sights Driving School, and Mr. Edwin specifically, to help me get my driver’s license was the best idea I have had in a while! The process or learning and testing was insightful, fun, painless and above all, successful on the first try at the test! I enjoyed learning from Mr. Edwin greatly, who was always encouraging, very clear in his explanations and helped get me really confident on the road. I am very grateful to him and All Sights Driving School, and highly recommend him to all looking to get through the process of learning how to drive and acquiring a license. Worth every penny!

    Rhona M. / Driving Lessons

  • I’m usually not into writing reviews, but Mr. Edwin ha to be appreciated and my experience with him has to be put into words. He enabled me to bring my confidence back while driving on the road with his patience and detail in teaching. He figured out my strengths and weaknesses in the first class and help me with significant progress towards my weaknesses and to be able to drive safely. The best part about him is his patience, responsiveness to all my doubts, and make my feel confident about myself. I will definitely recommend all the beginners out there and who are looking for a professional yet friendly instructor to approach All Sights Driving School and Mr. Edwin.

    Sweeja K. / Driving Lessons

  • The owners of All Sights Driving School are amazing, kind and very knowledgeable. Mr. Edwin gave me the tools to pass my driving test on the first try. He is very flexible, understanding and patient. I would recommend them to anyone whom may have fears or doubts about their ability to drive. I am so happy I found this school!

    LaVeta M. / Driving Lessons

Our Team

Edwin K. Agbonyitor, President & Chief Safety Officer

Mr. Edwin as his students affectionately call him, co-founded All Sights Driving School with his wife, Janet Agbonyitor. Mr. Edwin is a born teacher. He is patient, intuitive, predictive and give great feedback to his students. His emphasis on developing lifetime safe driving habits and techniques is an indelible mark he leaves on every student. Mr. Edwin is an MVA Certified Driver Instructor and has master’s degree in accounting and financial management. He is an Enrolled Agent, Certified fraud Examiner and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Janet N. Agbonyitor, Vice President

Ms. Janet, as her students call her is the co-founder and Vice President of All Sights Driving School. Ms. Janet is our student satisfaction specialist. As a mom of 3 great boys she knows the expectation of parents of teenage student drivers. She is the spoke around which our front office, driver education and the school’s operation revolves.

Staff & Instructors

Etornam A. Agbonyitor, Logistics and IT Co-Ordinator

Tamara Duarte, Student Services Co-Ordinator

Max Etirnne, Senior Instructor (MVA Certified)

Forson Amarvie, Instructor & Safety Officer (MVA Certified)

TJ, Instructor & Safety Officer (MVA Certified)

Luther, Apprentice Instructor

Start Learning To Drive Today

All Sights Driving School offers a comprehensive range of classes for obtaining a Learner’s Permit, Provisional Driver’s License and a full Maryland Driver’s License.



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